adrian alberto

Simple OOP for Roblox

Simple OOP framework for Roblox that converts nested ModuleScripts into a class hierarchy. Automatically handles single-inheritence, default constructors, and more.

Data Plotter for Lua

Live-preview and save various graphs from .tsv and .csv spreadsheets. Uses LÖVE.

Flow Free Solver

Solver for the mobile puzzle game Free Flow. Written for the Zappos Coding Challenge (2016)

Braille Grid Renderer

Represents a 2d boolean grid as a string of braille characters. See the thing at the top of the page.

Lighter Than Air CMS

Flat-file content management system for a blog I used to write.

BubbleRegions Map Geneator

Neat little organic procedural map generator. Uses LÖVE.

I also made a bunch of games. See the art page.